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Marapharm Ventures Inc. announces a financial update on the 2nd anniversary of trading as a public company – it has raised $22,917,150.00

Marapharm was listed on the CSE and began trading on May 8, 2015, with subsequent listings on the OTCQB and the FSE.

Marapharm has raised $22,917,150.00 (share source: Computer Share; Transfer Agent). The proceeds have been raised by private placements, and the exercise of options and warrants as a public company. The first tranche of the bond offering, announced on February 28, 2017 is closed, the total is USD $1,280,000.00. There is $4,220,000.00 remaining and is available for subscription. There are two warrant series left to be exercised for a potential of $4,951,200.00. Marapharm has approximately $5 million cash at the present time.

  • Marapharm has purchased 13.6 acres of industrial land with buildings in Washington State which is approved for marijuana cultivation, processing and as a cannabis campus
  • Marapharm has purchased 7 acres of industrial property in Las Vegas,
    Nevada with buildings approved for marijuana cultivation and processing
  • Marapharm has purchased industrial properties in California approved for marijuana cultivation and processing
  • Marapharm has acquired and or has conditional applications for up to 11 cannabis licenses in the United States and Canada
  • Marapharm purchased 15 million shares and warrants of Veritas Pharma Inc., a public company
  • Marapharm owns Marapharm Delivery Service for medical marijuana deliveries
  • Marapharm owns

We have worked hard during the past two years, and now, Marapharm is ready to grow. We have created a strong infrastructure and shareholder base. We have licenses, property and buildings.

Coupon and convertible bonds have been used to raise construction money. Several lenders and investors have presented financing proposals for further construction options including an $80 million dollar USD conditional commitment. We will continue to scrutinize all proposals to ensure the best decisions are made for Marapharm.

The past 2 years have been significant. We have set a foundation for long term success and expansion in this exciting market. The next few years are going to be historical!” Linda Sampson, Marapharm CEO.

Marapharm has traded 98,923,854 million shares on three stock markets for a value of $126,564,847.00 CDN in its first two years of public trading.

On the CSE Marapharm has traded 53,542,926 shares since its trading debut on May 8, 2015 for a value of $60,504,667.91 CDN. Marapharm has traded 13,003,894 shares since its trading debut on September 1, 2015 on the OTCQB for a value of $12,738,030.71 USD. Marapharm has traded 32,377,034 shares since its trading debut on June 28, 2015 on the FSE for a value of $32,246,997 EUR. (source: Stockwatch and the Frankfurt Stuttgart)


Marapharm trades in Canada, ticker symbol MDM on the CSE, in the United States, ticker symbol MRPHF on the OTCQB, in Europe, ticker symbol 2M0 on the FSE.

Marapharm has 300,000 square feet of medical marijuana licenses for its land and facilities in WA and NV. About two and a half years ago, Marapharm applied in Canada to Health Canada for a MMPR (production and sales) license and has passed the necessary security clearances. The application is currently in the in-depth screening process. In September 2016, Health Canada contacted Marapharm with a provision to amend its application to allow for the new regulations, ACMPR.

Construction photos and videos can be accessed through the Marapharm website. Marapharms common shares are publicly traded in Canada, under the ticker symbol “MDM” on the Canadian Securities Exchange, and in the United States, under the ticker symbol “MRPHF” on the OTCQB, and in Europe, under the ticker symbol “2M0” on the FSE.

Additional information on the operations or financial results of Marapharm are included in reports on file with applicable securities regulatory authorities and may be accessed through the CSE website (, the OTC website (, and the SEDAR website ( under the profile for Marapharm Ventures Inc.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:    contact 778-583-4476    email

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