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Apex Business Park is located along Interstate 15 and a short half hour drive from McCarran International airport. Las Vegas experiences an astounding 55 million mostly adult visitors per year.

Liht is in the process of constructing a cannabis cultivation facility at Apex, in North Las Vegas. Our planned facility will have 300,000 sq ft of combined cultivation and processing. We have completed the first of our three phase construction plan, which consists of 10,000 sq.ft of cultivation and processing space. Plans are underway for phase two, which will add an additional 65,000 sq. ft. to the existing facilities. Phase 3 will complete the build-out of 300,000  sq ft.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“The total combined sales for medical, recreational and marijuana-related goods since recreational became legal is $433.51 million.”
– Las Vegas Review-Journal, Inc.

The company holds both medical and recreational licenses and will focus on providing organic cannabis products to the Las Vegas market. We will apply for validation through three organic certification boards. Organic products are in high demand and attain top value.


Las Vegas Nevada  – May, 2018

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