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Liht is a publicly traded company, investing in the medical and recreational cannabis space. Our operations are based out of British Columbia, Canada.

  • British Columbia, Canada
    The Company owns 40 acres of land in Celista, BC., a community located on Shuswap Lake. Plans allow for a build-out of 100,000 sq. feet of cannabis cultivation. Unique technologies will be implemented to maximize the yield of organic product, reduce the cost of production while maintaining minimum impact to the environment. ACMPR application is at the review stage.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    The Company owns 7 acres of industrial land in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and has both medical and recreational licenses to build up to 300,000 sq. feet of cannabis cultivation space, including 16,000sq feet of processing. The first phase of construction is complete, and production is underway. Phase 2 is construction of a 65,000 sq. foot building, Phase 3 the completion of the remaining footprint.
  • California
    The Company owns 2 properties approved for cannabis cultivation. Total build-out will create approximately 50,000 sq. feet of cannabis cultivation and processing space. All approvals and permits are in place. In addition, Liht owns an operational dispensary with state approval for both medical and recreational sales.
  • Washington
    The Company is closing on the purchase of 13.8 acres of cannabis-zoned property in Lynden, Washington. The largest building on the property is 30,000 sq. feet. It has been renovated to meet state energy code and is leased to a Tier 3 licensed producer. The license-holder also has a license for processing cannabis with unlimited sq. footage.
  • PureCloud 9
    The Company owns a hemp and botanical oil product-line Called PureCloud 9. The products are produced in small batches to ensure quality. Visit our online store or retail location.

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