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We are extremely pleased to welcome the following distinguished professionals to MAB; each of whom bring their unique experience and dedication to the research, exploration and discovery of cannabis and its potential.

We are honored to have such brilliant and talented pioneers join our team. Our shared values and collective minds can fundamentally change the way cannabis is cultivated and produced. Ultimately unlocking the mysteries, investigating the elements, unleashing the healing potential, exploring the profiles and developing the environments for this incredible plant.” Linda Sampson, COO

Dr. Paul Hornby
Mr. Hornby, of Hedron Analytical Inc. is Canada’s cannabis expert. He has celebrated more than 30 years of experience studying herbs and supplements in human systems. With a doctorate degree in human pathology, Dr. Hornby has conducted research projects with Inuit in the Canadian Arctic, fishermen on India’s south coast and Mangyan people in the mountains of Mindoro, Philippines.

For the past eighteen years, he has focused his attention on cannabis, and for that time has attempted to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the plant. By creating the first standardized natural product cannabis medicine in a capsule, Dr. Hornby has pioneered the way toward cannabis becoming a mainstream herbal medicine. “I do not synthesize or highly purify any of the plant components, but study them together; their synergy (entourage), activity and mechanism of action.” Dr. Hornby has published numerous scientific and lay articles on various aspects of cannabis medicine.

Mr. Josef Tyls
Dr. Tyls is the Industrial Engineering Chief Technology Officer of Total Innovative Solutions Corporation and the President of Tyls Dynamic Systems and TDS Engineering. Mr. Tyls designs, develops and prototypes development and evaluation, testing, patent writing, and data acquisition for market deployment of new devices and technology production for environmental processes and systems. It is his fundamental principles to develop industrial systems that center upon energy efficiency, waste control elimination, environmental safety, waste recovery and or recycling, water processing, recovery and waste water management utilizing oxidative systems and specific methods of optimization to maximize cost efficiencies.

In 1993, Dr. Tyls incorporated Ozonifier Industries Inc., with Dr. Carlos Fenton Mason, D. Sc. Ozonifier sold internationally medical grade ozone generators, which Dr. Tyles designed. Dr. Tyls has developed a high voltage Tesla type hybrid, Rife frequency machine named “E-Thera-P” for use in therapeutic conditions relating to soft tissue damage and trauma. He also developed a proprietary process to hyper oxygenate and stabilize olive oil for skin wound therapy, which is marketed by Global Healing Center of Houston, Texas. He has lectured on the subject of ozone and its creation by way of “Cold Plasma” Generation for 3 years, educating naturopathic physicians in North America including the Canadian society of Naturopaths.

Mr. Gabriel Cipes
Mr. Cipes is a practicing Permaculture designer, Viticulturist and Biodynamicist and V.P at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, the largest certified Organic and most visited winery in western Canada. In 2010, Mr. Cipes created the Bio-Dynamic department at this winery incorporating regenerative practices and ecological systems into the 80 acre sanctuary and estate, improving the health and quality of the vines as well as increasing the biodiversity and creating additional yields from the farm. This has been a major aspect of Summerhill’s Organic branding and story. As a result, Summerhill Pyramid Winery achieved the first certified Demeter vineyard and wines and continues to be one of the most awarded wineries in western Canada.

Mr. Cipes serves as a director and represents the Biodynamic Associations of BC on the board of the Certified Organic Associations of BC. He also serves on the Certification Committee for the BC Regenerative Agriculture Associations and the BOD for Demeter Canada. Mr Cipes is co-founder of Organic Okanagan, and a leader and educator in the movement to transition all farming and landscaping practices to Organic in the Okanagan Bioregion and beyond. Mr. Cipes was appointed Head of Quality Assurance for Liht Cannabis Corp. on October 3rd, 2018 and accepted a position on the Company’s Management Advisory Board on October 9th, 2018 to consult on sustainability practices.

Mr. Desmond Balakrishnan, BA, LL.B
Mr. Balakrishnan has been a Partner at the Vancouver office of McMillan LLP, since 2004. His areas of practice focus on mergers, acquisitions, listed company maintenance, international public listings, gaming, and entertainment law.

Mr. Balakrishnan is a member of the Vancouver Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association and the International Masters of Gaming Law. He holds CLA from Simon Fraser University. Mr. Balakrishnan graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts and from the University of Alberta in 1997 with an LL.B (with distinction) and was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1998.

Mr. Herman Dekker
Mr. Dekker holds degrees in Agricultural Science and in Technology (Netherlands). With more than 35 years of experience and expertise in managing and operating agricultural businesses in both the Netherlands and Canada and experience in commercial vermiculture for fertilizer production. Mr. Dekker brings expertise in plant nutrition, as well as vermiculture, crop production. An experienced and knowledgeable practitioner, Mr. Dekker has also served industry boards, including the Zeeland Dairy Producers Association, the Zeeland Herb & Flower Growers and as an advisor to the BC Broiler Hatching Egg Commission.

Mr. John Mathews, Ford Motor Company Engineering UK
Mr. Matthews, a well-skilled practical designer with over 40 years of production and development of numerous industrial devices and systems utilized by corporations in both the UK and North America. Mr. Mathews developed skills in high volume precision engineering becoming a proficient designer with over 20 years of Solidworks 3D computer modeling and designing. This experience has enabled him to master numerous engineering disciplines along with extensive work experience helping companies increase their bottom line by applying JIT to the business.

His ability to apply his acquired knowledge has led him to the design of various patented components improving performance in transportation, aquaponic systems, and numerous other applied time-saving devices. He was instrumental in the development of a Gasification Unit (wood waste) with a pulse burner designed for both burning of SIN-Gas waste to Energy systems.

Ms. Anne Sanders, Senior Managing Director of ecoGROW Corporation
From 2005 to present Ms. Sanders extensive tenure as President and Director of ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc. and Senior Managing Director of ecoGROW Corporation has provided her with extensive knowledge and valuable experience in a wide spectrum of complex scientific, ecological and energy technologies.

ecoTECH and ecoGROW were founded on the principles of sustainability, science and ethics to address environmental, economic and health problems facing modern food/biomass production chains in agriculture, silviculture, viticulture, horticulture, aquaculture and animal breeding. ecoGROW strives to produce soil amendments which assist in establishing not only optimal soil, crop, and human health, but also optimal ecosystems health.

ecoGROW Corporation mitigates these risks by developing innovative products, which incorporate mineral, microbial and waste management technologies. The company continues to develop innovative products to address the 8 most common risks associated with modern and unsustainable food/biomass production practices: Energy security, Food security, Climate change, Soil infertility and toxicity due to chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides, Viral and bacterial disease transmission and odor generation in animal breeding, Environmental pollution (heavy metals, N, P, e-coli, salmonella from fertilizers and manure application), Plant growth promotion and Human health and modern disease reduction.

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